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USC Dornsife College
Biological Sciences, Human and Evolutionary Biology


stephanie-bogart Stephanie Bogart, Lecturer, Biological Sciences
Contact: (213) 821-8340,



Tamara Espinet thumbnailTamara Espinet, Lecturer, Biological Sciences
Office: PED 107
Contact: (213) 740-2495,



gioa Gioa Palidori Francisco, Lecturer, Biological Sciences
Office: AHF 253


Biological Sciences, Marine Environmental Biology


Karla_Heidelberg.jpg Karla Heidelberg, Associate Professor (Teaching), Biological Sciences
Office: AHF 232
Contact: (310) 510-4038,
Research Interests: Marine and environmental microbiology and ecology; Protist diversity; Environmental genomics and other ‘-omic’ applications to study microbial ecology.


Biological Sciences, Molecular & Computational Biology


ghittoni Raffaella Ghittoni, Lecturer, Biological Sciences
Office: ZHS 256

Biological Sciences, Neurobiology




Rebecca_Broyer_thumbnail.jpg Rebecca Broyer, Assistant Professor (Teaching), Chemistry
Office: SGM 102A
Contact: (213) 740-0620,
Research Interests: Chemical education, curriculum development.


Jessica_Parr Jessica Parr, Assistant Professor (Teaching), Chemistry
Office: SGM 304
Contact: (213) 740-6614, 
Research Interests: Chemical education, focusing on developing practical general chemistry laboratory experiments.


Earth Sciences





cindy-blois Cindy Blois, Lecturer, Mathematics



Cymra_Haskel.jpg Cymra Haskell, Associate Professor (Teaching), Mathematics
Office: KAP 120C
Contact: (213) 740-2460, 
Research Interests: Statistical properties of dynamical systems and modeling of biological processes.


Physics and Astronomy


USC Viterbi School of Engineering

Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering



Biomedical Engineering



Brittany KayBrittany Kay, Lecturer, Biomedical Engineering
Office:  DRB 140
Contact: (213) 740-0839,
Research: Teaching


Mork Family Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science



Lessa GrunenfeldGrunenfelderer, Lecturer, Chemical Engineering and Materials Science


Research Interests: Manufacturing of high-performance carbon fiber reinforced plastics with an emphasis on processing efficiency and defect reduction


Sonny Astani Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering



Amy_Rechenmacher.jpgAmy Rechenmacher,  Associate Professor (Engineering Practice), Civil and Environmental Engineering
Office: KAP 230D
Contact: (213) 740 – 3615,
Research Interests: Granular material failure and flow, Experimental Imaging, Strain localization/ Shear branding, Granular Physics


Computer Science


Claire_Bono.gif Claire Bono, Lecturer, Computer Science
Office: SAL 310
Contact: (213) 740-4510,
Research Interests: Computer Science Education.


Sheila Tejada thumbnailSheila Tejada, Senior Lecturer, Computer Science
Office: SAL 316
Contact: (213) 740 – 4505,
Research Interests:  Artificial intelligence, human-agent collaboration.


Ming Hsieh Department of Electrical Engineering



Mary Eshaghian-Wilner thumbnailMary Eshaghian-Wilner, Professor (Engineering Practice,) Electrical Engineering
Office: EEB 320
Contact: (21) 740 – 6527,
Research Interests: Computing Architectures and Interconnects: Bio-inspired and Nanoscale Computing, MEMS, Optical Interconnects, VLSI and Reconfigurable chips


Daniel J. Epstein Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering


Woman_SilhoutteInna Abramova, Lecturer, Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering
Contact: (213) 740 – 5234,