Faculty Bridge Funding

Deadline: No specific deadline.

Award Amount: Variable.

Directions: Contact Leana Golubchik at leana@usc.edu or 213-740-0996.

The primary responsibility for bridge funding rests with the deans. However, from time to time external funding situations become particularly difficult, causing interruption in funding. In these cases the WiSE program may be able to help by providing additional funds. The WiSE program should be approached only after negotiations with deans have begun. Generally, WiSE requires the Dean’s office to contribute at least 2/3 of the desired funds. However, for this temporary program, WiSE will provide 50% for Assistant Professors, with a 50% match from the Deans.

Before submitting application materials, please contact WiSE Director, Leana Golubchik. A complete application includes the following required documents:

  • Evidence of proposals pending
  • Plan for re-initiating funding
  • Detailed budget for the total amount needed
  • Description of how the WiSE contribution will help
  • WiSE Justification