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USC Dornsife College
Biological Sciences, Human and Evolutionary Biology


stephanie-bogart Stephanie Bogart, Lecturer, Biological Sciences
Contact: (213) 821-8340,



Tamara Espinet thumbnailTamara Espinet, Lecturer, Biological Sciences
Office: PED 107
Contact: (213) 740-2495,



gioa Gioia Palidori Francisco, Lecturer, Biological Sciences
Office: AHF 253


Gudrun Bara Floyd, Master Lecturer, Biological Sciences
Office: PED 109b
Contact: (213) 821‑1871, 


Biological Sciences, Marine Environmental Biology


Karla_Heidelberg.jpg Karla Heidelberg, Professor (Teaching), Biological Sciences
Office: CAS 116
Research Interests: Marine and environmental microbiology and ecology; Protist diversity; Environmental genomics and other ‘-omic’ applications to study microbial ecology.


Biological Sciences, Molecular & Computational Biology


ghittoni Raffaella Ghittoni, Lecturer, Biological Sciences
Office: ZHS 256

Biological Sciences, Neurobiology




Rebecca_Broyer_thumbnail.jpg Rebecca Broyer, Assistant Professor (Teaching), Chemistry
Office: SGM 102A
Contact: (213) 740-0620,
Research Interests: Chemical education, curriculum development.


Jessica_Parr Jessica Parr, Associate Professor (Teaching), Chemistry
Office: SGM 304
Contact: (213) 740-6614, 
Research Interests: Chemical education, focusing on developing practical general chemistry laboratory experiments.


Earth Sciences




cindy-blois Cindy Blois, Lecturer, Mathematics



Cymra_Haskel.jpg Cymra Haskell, Professor (Teaching), Mathematics
Office: KAP 120C
Contact: (213) 740-2460, 
Research Interests: Statistical properties of dynamical systems and modeling of biological processes.


Felicia Tabing, Lecturer, Mathematics



Physics and Astronomy


USC Viterbi School of Engineering

Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering


Woman_SilhoutteInna Abramova, Lecturer, Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering
Contact: (213) 740 – 5234,


Biomedical Engineering


Brittany KayBrittany Kay, Lecturer, Biomedical Engineering
Office:  DRB 140
Contact: (213) 740-0839,
Research: Teaching


Mork Family Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science


Lessa GrunenfeldGrunenfelderer, Lecturer, Chemical Engineering and Materials Science


Research Interests: Manufacturing of high-performance carbon fiber reinforced plastics with an emphasis on processing efficiency and defect reduction


Sonny Astani Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering


Amy_Rechenmacher.jpgAmy Rechenmacher,  Associate Professor (Engineering Practice), Civil and Environmental Engineering
Office: KAP 230D
Contact: (213) 740 – 3615,
Research Interests: Granular material failure and flow, Experimental Imaging, Strain localization/ Shear branding, Granular Physics


Computer Science


Claire_Bono.gif Claire Bono, Lecturer, Computer Science
Office: SAL 310
Contact: (213) 740-4510,
Research Interests: Computer Science Education.


Olivera Grujic, Lecturer, Computer Science
Office: TBD



Sheila Tejada thumbnailSheila Tejada, Senior Lecturer, Computer Science
Office: SAL 316
Contact: (213) 740 – 4505,
Research Interests:  Artificial intelligence, human-agent collaboration.


Ming Hsieh Department of Electrical Engineering


Daniel J. Epstein Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering


Woman_SilhoutteShalini Gupta, Lecturer, Industrial and Systems Engineering