Leadership Award for Students and Postdoctoral Scholars

Deadline: March 15.  (In the event that a deadline falls upon a weekend or a university holiday, that deadline will move to the first workday following the posted date.)

Award Amount: $500.

The WiSE Leadership Award for Students and Postdoctoral Scholars was created to distinguish exceptional students and postdoctoral scholars at USC who are making a positive difference in their scholarly community. The inaugural award was presented to Chemistry PhD student, Jaimie Stomberg, in 2015 for her outstanding service while serving as President of the Women in Chemistry (WiC) organization at USC. Nominations will be reviewed by the WiSE Advisory Board.

Directions: Members of the WiSE-community should send letters of nomination detailing the nominee’s outstanding contributions to the scholarly community to wiseprog@usc.edu. All undergraduate students, graduate students and postdoctoral scholars at USC are eligible to be nominated.

Current and Past Award Recipients

  • Sophia Plata, PhD Candidate, Civil and Environmental Engineering (2020)
  • Leadership of Women in Chemistry Group (PhD Students Amanda Baxter, Arunika Ekanayake, and Golnaz Kamalinia) (2019)
  • Carolina Amador, PhD Candidate, Chemistry and Joycelyn Yip, PhD Candidate, Biomedical Engineering (2018)
  • Erin McParland, PhD Candidate, Biological Sciences and Nicolle Sandoval-Gonzalez, PhD Candidate, Mathematics (2017)
  • Candy Hwang, PhD Candidate, Chemistry (2016)
  • Jaimie Stomberg, PhD Candidate, Chemistry (2015)