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Professor Andrea Armani (Chemical Engineering and Materials Science)

Professor Andrea Armani (Chemical Engineering and Materials Science)

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Andrea Armani joined the Dept of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science in 2008, and she is currently the Fluor Early Career Chair of Engineering and Associate Professor.  Her research is focused on developing new types of functional materials to enable the development of integrated optical devices.  These materials and devices have applications in telecommunications, biological detection and environmental monitoring, and therapeutics; all of which are currently being pursued in the lab.  Given this broad scope, her group includes researchers with backgrounds in numerous fields within engineering as well as biology and chemistry.  More information about her research is available at:

Recent publications include:

  • S. Soltani, A. M. Armani, “Optothermal transport behavior in whispering gallery mode optical cavities”, Applied Physics Letters 105 (5), 051111 (2014).
  • S. Mehrabani, A. J. Maker, A. M. Armani, “Hybrid integrated label-free chemical and biological sensors”, Sensors 14 (4), 5890-5928 (2014).
  • N. Deka, A. J. Maker, A. M. Armani, “Titanium enhanced Raman microcavity laser”, Optics Letters 39 (6), 1354-1357 (2014).
  • C. Shi, S. Soltani, A. M. Armani, “Gold nanorod plasmonic upconversion microlaser”, Nano Letters 13 (12), 5827-5831 (2013).
  • R. M. Hawk, M. V. Chistiakova, A. M. Armani, “Monitoring DNA hybridization using optical microcavities”, Optics Letters 38 (22), 4690-4693 (2013).

Enjoy these videos about Professor Armani’s research:


Seeing With Lasers from USC Viterbi on Vimeo.