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USC Dornsife College
Biological Sciences, Marine Environmental Biology


Linda_Dugay.jpg Linda Duguay, Associate Professor (Research)Director, USC Sea Grant Program
Office: AHF 209
Contact: (213) 821-1335, 
Research: Ctenophores, foraminfera, symbiotic associations, benthic ecology of dredge spoil sites, water quality, beach health and status.


Feixue_Fu1.jpg Feixue Fu, Associate Professor (Research), Biological Sciences
Office: AHF 137
Contact: (213) 740-3188,
Research Interests: N2 fixation, cyanobacteria, harmful alga bloom, global climate change, nutrient limitation.


laura-gomez Laura Gomez Consarnau, Assistant Professor (Research), Biological Sciences
Research Interests:



Julliette_Hart_thumbnail.jpg Julliette Hart, Assistant Professor (Research), Biological Sciences and Regional Research and Planning Specialist, USC Sea Grant Program
Office: AHF 253
Contact: (213) 740-1937, 
Research Interests: Coastal marine policy, regional ocean governance, and sustainable ecotourism.


Myrna_Jacobson1.jpgMyrna Jacobson, Assistant Professor (Research), Biological Sciences
Office: AHF 139
Contact: (213) 740-5145,
Research Interests: Biogeochemistry, Environmental EctoEnzymes, Nutrient imbalances, Communicating science through words and cartoons.



Biological Sciences, Molecular & Computational Biology


Le A. Trinh, Associate Professor (Research), Biological Sciences
Office: RRI 324D



Biological Sciences, Neurobiology




Earth Sciences




Physics and Astronomy


Gerrie_Peters.jpg Gerrie Peters, Professor (Research), Physics and Astronomy
Office: SSC 271
Contact: (213) 740-6336, 
Research Interests: Stellar Astrophysics, including Binary Stars, Stellar Abundances, Circumstellar Material About Hot Stars.


USC Viterbi School of Engineering

Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering


Biomedical Engineering


eun_jin1.jpgEun Jin “Grace” Lee, Assistant Professor (Research), Biomedical Engineering
Office: 140 Denny Research Center
Contact: (213) 821-2074,
Research Interests: Neurobiological basis of sensory and neurodegenerative disorders. 


Mork Family Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science


Sonny Astani Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering



Maria_Todorovska.jpg Maria Todorovska, Professor (Research), Civil Engineering
Office: Kaprielian Hall 216A
Contact: (213) 740-0616, 
Research Interests: Synthesizing knowledge and technology from Engineering, Earth Sciences, Applied Mathematics and Social Sciences, advanced problems in Earthquake Engineering and Engineering Mechanics.


Computer Science


Ewa_3 Ewa Deelman, Associate Professor (Research), Computer Science and Assistant Director, Science Automation Technologies, USC Information Sciences Institute
Office: Information Sciences Institute, Marina del Rey, CA
Contact: 310 448-8408,
Research Interests: Distributed systems, cloud computing, scientific workflows, large-scale applications.


Yolanda_Gil.jpg Yolanda Gil, Professor (Research), Computer Science and Associate Division Director for Research of the Intelligent Systems Division, USC Information Sciences Institute
Office: Information Sciences Institute, Marina del Rey, CA
Contact: (310) 448-8794,
Research Interests: Intelligent interfaces for knowledge capture, information analysis and assessment of trust, semantic annotation tools, agent and software choreography, and community-wide development of knowledge bases.


Lerman.jpg Kristina Lerman, Associate Professor (Research), Computer Science
Office: Information Sciences Institute, Marina del Rey, CA
Contact: (310) 448-8714,
Research Interests: Applying network- and machine learning-based methods to problems in social computing.


Jelena_Mirkovic.jpg Jelena Mirkovic, Assistant Professor (Research), Computer Science
Office: Information Sciences Institute, Marina del Rey, CA
Contact: (310) 448-9170,
Research Interests: security, privacy, routing, quality of service and protocols, botnets, denial-of-service attacks, and IP spoofing.



Ming Hsieh Department of Electrical Engineering


Daniel J. Epstein Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering



Jo_Ann_Lane.jpg Jo Ann Lane, Assistant Professor (Research), Industrial and Systems Engineering
Contact: (858) 945-0099, 
Research Interests: SoS engineering cost models, SoS engineering process models, analysis of SoSE with respect to lean principles, SoS test and evaluation, and innovation in systems engineering.