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2017-2018 Faculty Members

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USC Dornsife College


Biological Sciences, Human and Evolutionary Biology


Christa Bancroft, Assistant Professor (Teaching), Biological Sciences
Office: ZHS 470


stephanie-bogart Stephanie Bogart, Lecturer, Biological Sciences
Contact: (213) 821-8340,



Woman_SilhoutteNancy Castro, Assistant Professor (Teaching), Biological Sciences
Office:  AHF 107


Tamara Espinet thumbnailTamara Espinet, Lecturer, Biological Sciences
Office: PED 107
Contact: (213) 740-2495,


gioa Gioia Palidori Francisco, Lecturer, Biological Sciences
Office: AHF 253


Gudrun Bara Floyd, Master Lecturer, Biological Sciences
Office: PED 109b
Contact: (213) 821‑1871, 


Jill_McNittGray_2012_thumbnail.jpg Jill McNitt-Gray, Professor, Biological Sciences and Biomedical Engineering
Gabilan Distinguished Professor of Science and Engineering 

Office: PED B9
Contact: (213) 740-7902, 
Research: Mechanisms organisms use to control and distribute mechanical load during goal-directed multijoint movements involving external loading.


 lindsey_schier Lindsay Schier, Assistant Professor, Biological Sciences and WiSE Jr. Gabilan Chair 


Lorraine_Turcotte.jpg Lorraine Turcotte, Professor, Biological Sciences                                            Gabilan Distinguished Professor of Science and Engineering
Office: AHF 247
Contact: (213) 740-8527, 
Research: To determine the mechanisms by which signaling and inflammatory pathways regulate metabolism during muscle contraction and with health and diseases such as insulin resistance and diabetes.

Biological Sciences, Marine Environmental Biology


 Linda_Dugay.jpg Linda Duguay, Associate Professor (Research)Director, USC Sea Grant Program
Office: AHF 209
Contact: (213) 821-1335, 
Research: Ctenophores, foraminfera, symbiotic associations, benthic ecology of dredge spoil sites, water quality, beach health and status.


Suzanne_Edmands.jpg Suzanne Edmands, Professor, Biological Sciences
Office: AHF 316
Contact: (213) 740-5548,
Research Interests: Population and evolutionary genetics.


Katrina_Edwards.jpg In Memoriam:

Katrina Edwards, Professor, Biological Sciences, & Earth Sciences

March 15, 1968 – October 26, 2014


Feixue_Fu1.jpg Feixue Fu, Associate Professor (Research), Biological Sciences
Office: AHF 137
Contact: (213) 740-3188,
Research Interests: N2 fixation, cyanobacteria, harmful alga bloom, global climate change, nutrient limitation.


laura-gomez Laura Gomez Consarnau, Assistant Professor (Research), Biological Sciences
Research Interests:


Julliette_Hart_thumbnail.jpg Julliette Hart, Assistant Professor (Research), Biological Sciences and Regional Research and Planning Specialist, USC Sea Grant Program
Office: AHF 253
Contact: (213) 740-1937, 
Research Interests: Coastal marine policy, regional ocean governance, and sustainable ecotourism.


Karla_Heidelberg.jpg Karla Heidelberg, Professor (Teaching), Biological Sciences
Office: CAS 116
Research Interests: Marine and environmental microbiology and ecology; Protist diversity; Environmental genomics and other ‘-omic’ applications to study microbial ecology.


Myrna_Jacobson1.jpgMyrna Jacobson, Assistant Professor (Research), Biological Sciences
Office: AHF 139
Contact: (213) 740-5145,
Research Interests: Biogeochemistry, Environmental EctoEnzymes, Nutrient imbalances, Communicating science through words and cartoons.


carlykenkel  Carly Kenkel, Assistant Professor, Biological Sciences and WiSE Jr. Gabilan Chair 
Research Interests: reef-building corals, evolution, ecology, genomics, physiology, symbiosis, local adaptation, biomarkers


Naomi_Levine_2012.jpgNaomi Marcil Levine, Assistant Professor, Biological Sciencesand WiSE Jr. Gabilan Chair
Office: AHF M225
Contact: (213) 821 – 0745,
Research Interests: Interactions between climate and ecosystem composition and function over a variety of temporal and spatial scales. 


Wiebke_Ziebis.jpg Wiebke Ziebis, Associate Professor, Biological Sciences
Office: AHF 334
Contact: (213) 821-1198, 
Research Interests: Biogeochemistry and microbial ecology of the ocean floor.

Biological Sciences, Molecular & Computational Biology


Liang_Chen2 Liang Chen, Associate Professor, Biological Sciences
Office: RRI 416E
Contact: (213) 740-2143, 
Research Interests: mRNA alternative splicing, Microarray expression data analysis, High-throughput sequencing data analysis, Expression Quantitative Trait Loci (eQTL) mapping, Genetic linkage and association studies.


Chiolo_thumbnail_1.jpg Irene Chiolo, Assistant Professor, Biological Sciences and WiSE Jr. Gabilan Chair
Office: RRI 201
Contact: (213) 740-5557, 
Research Interests: Mechanisms of DNA repair in heterochromatin.


Susan_Forsburg.jpgSusan Forsburg, Professor, Biological Sciences 
Gabilan Distinguished Professor of Science and Engineering 

Office: RRI 108
Contact: (213) 740-7342,
Research Interests: Mechanisms that maintain genome stability under replication stress, using a yeast model system.


ghittoni Raffaella Ghittoni, Lecturer, Biological Sciences
Office: ZHS 256


Carolyn Phillips 2 thumbnailCarolyn Phillips, Assistant Professor, Biological Sciences and WiSE Jr. Gabilan Chair
Office: RRI 304B
Research Interests: understanding how RNA silencing pathways modulate gene expression and maintain genome integrity


Le A. Trinh, Associate Professor (Research), Biological Sciences
Office: RRI 324D


Biological Sciences, Neurobiology


Sarah_Bottjer.jpg Sarah Bottjer, Professor, Biological Sciences and Psychology
Office: HNB 218
Contact: (213) 740-9183, 
Research Interests: Learning and memory, neural development and plasticity, vocal learning, electrophysiology, synaptic plasticity.


Judith_Hirsch.jpg Judith Hirsch, Professor, Biological Sciences                                                      Gabilan Distinguished Professor of Science and Engineering
Office: HNB 328
Contact: (213) 821-2210, 
Research Interests: Early stage visual cortical processing. Specifically, how thalamocortical connections and circuits within the striate cortex itself resolve basic features of the visual scene.


Emily Liman Recent Emily Liman, Professor, Biological Sciences
Office: HNB 301
Contact: (213) 821-1454, 
Research Interests: Sensory transduction, ion channels, pheromone, olfactory system, molecular neurobiology, TRP channel, taste, pain.



Rebecca_Broyer_thumbnail.jpg Rebecca Broyer, Assistant Professor (Teaching), Chemistry
Office: SGM 102A
Contact: (213) 740-0620,
Research Interests: Chemical education, curriculum development.


 Woman_SilhoutteJasmine Bryant, Assistant Professor (Teaching), Chemistry



Megan Fieser, Assistant Professor, Chemistry 
Office: LHI 305
Contact: (213) 821-4228,
Research Interests: Lewis acid catalysts


Anna_Krylov.jpgAnna Krylov, Professor, Chemistry

Gabilan Distinguished Professor of Science and Engineering

Office: SSC 409
Contact: (213) 740-4929, 
Research Interests: Electronic structure methods and software, coupled-cluster and equation-of-motion methods, computational chemistry, radicals, opens shell and electronically excited species, spectroscopy, fluorescent proteins, DNA.


Rebecca_Broyer_thumbnail.jpg Rebecca Broyer, Assistant Professor (Teaching), Chemistry
Office: SGM 102A
Contact: (213) 740-0620,
Research Interests: Chemical education, curriculum development.


Smaranda_Marinescu.jpg Smaranda Marinescu, Assistant Professor, Chemistry and WiSE Jr. Gabilan Chair
Office: SGM 414
Contact: (213) 740-0452, 
Research Interests: Inorganic chemistry


Jessica_Parr Jessica Parr, Associate Professor (Teaching), Chemistry
Office: SGM 304
Contact: (213) 740-6614, 
Research Interests: Chemical education, focusing on developing practical general chemistry laboratory experiments.


reisler.jpgHanna Reisler, Professor, Chemistry and Lloyd Armstrong Jr. Chair in Science and Engineering
Office: SSC 622
Contact: (213) 740-7071,
Research Interests: Detailed mechanisms of chemical reactions in the gas and condensed phases by using laser and molecular beam techniques. 

Earth Sciences


Emily Cooperdock, Assistant Professor, Earth Sciences
Research Interests: Fluid-rock interaction; age and development of oceanic crust; trace element cycling; timing of serpentinization in tectonic processes; alteration mineral formation; U and Th partitioning during metamorphism, method development for (U-Th)/He analysis; Fe-oxide (U-Th)/He dating; X-Ray Computed Tomography application to geologic samples


Sarah_Feakins1.jpg Sarah Feakins, Associate Professor, Earth Sciences
Office: ZHS 223F
Contact: (213) 740-7168, 
Research Interests: Compound-specific hydrogen and carbon isotopic analysis; Paleoclimate, Paleoenvironment, Paleoecology; Isotope Biogeochemistry; Organic Geochemistry.


Miller.jpg Meghan Miller, Associate Professor, Earth Sciences
Office: ZHS 103
Contact: (213) 740-6308, 
Research Interests: Structural and observational seismology, tectonophysics, geodynamics, and plate tectonics.



Sami_Assaf.jpg Sami Assaf, Assistant Professor, Mathematics and WiSE Jr. Gabilan Chair 
Office: KAP 438C
Contact: (213) 740-2440, 
Research Interests: Combinatorics and its interrelation with Representation Theory and Algebraic Geometry.


cindy-blois Cindy Blois, Lecturer, Mathematics



Susan_Friedlander.jpg Susan Friedlander, Professor, Mathematics
Office: KAP 416D, 
Contact: (213) 821-2449
Research Interests: Partial differential equations that describe the motion of fluids.


Cymra_Haskel.jpg Cymra Haskell, Professor (Teaching), Mathematics
Office: KAP 120C
Contact: (213) 740-2460, 
Research Interests: Statistical properties of dynamical systems and modeling of biological processes.


 juhi-picJuhi Jang, Associate Professor, Mathematics
Office: KAP 416E
Research Interests: 
Analysis and PDEs arising in fluid and gas dynamics, kinetic theory, plasma physics, and astrophysics


Susan_Montgomery.jpg Susan Montgomery, Professor, Mathematics                                                    Gabilan Distinguished Professor of Science and Engineering
Office: DRB 240
Contact: (213) 740-2419, 
Research Interests: Non-commutative algebras: in particular, Hopf algebras, their structure and representations, and their actions on other algebras.


Greta Panova, Associate Professor, Mathematics
Office: KAP 424C
Research Interests: Algebraic combinatorics with connections to representation theory, statistical mechanics and probability, computational complexity theory.


Felicia Tabing, Lecturer, Mathematics



Physics and Astronomy


Rosa di Felice thumbnailRosa Di Felice, Associate Professor, Physics and Astronomy
Office: SGM 410
Contact: (213) 740 – 1124,
Research Interests: Theoretical biophysics, electronic structure of DNA and proteins, conformational flexibility and thermodynamics, charge transfer in biological systems, molecule/surface interactions, biomolecular nanostructures, hybrid materials and bio-nano-systems, Density Functional Theory, Molecular Dynamics.


Grace_Lu.jpg Grace Lu, Professor, Physics and Astronomy and Electrical Engineering
Office: SSC 215B
Contact: (213) 821-4328, 
Research Interests: Nanoelectronics, mesoscopic physics, charge and spin transport in low dimensional systems.


Gerrie_Peters.jpg Gerrie Peters, Professor (Research), Physics and Astronomy
Office: SSC 271
Contact: (213) 740-6336, 
Research Interests: Stellar Astrophysics, including Binary Stars, Stellar Abundances, Circumstellar Material About Hot Stars.


Elena_Pierpaoli.jpgElena Pierpaoli, Professor, Physics and Astronomy
Office: SSC 371
Contact: (213) 740-1117,
Research Interests: Cosmology, large scale strucutre, cosmic microwave background, early Universe, dark matter, data analysis. 

USC Viterbi School of Engineering

Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering


Woman_SilhoutteInna Abramova, Lecturer, Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering
Contact: (213) 740 – 5234,



Eva_Kanso.jpg Eva Kanso,  Professor, Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering
Office: RRB 214
Contact: (213) 740-5788,
Research Interests: Mechanics, dynamical systems, fluid-structure interactions and aquatic locomotion.


alejandraAlejandra Uranga, Assistant Professor, Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering and WiSE Gabilan Chair
Office: RRB 218
Contact: (213) 821-0846,
Research Interests: Fluid mechanics, aerodynamics, computational fluid dynamics, aircraft design, airframe-propulsion system integration, boundary layer ingestion

Biomedical Engineering


Cynthia Bir, Professor (Research), Emergency Medicine and Biomedical Engineering
Office:  MMR 116 1333 San Pablo St.
Research Interests: 


Eun Ji Chung_headshot_07272015Eun Ji Chung, Assistant Professor, Biomedcal Engineering and WiSE Gabilan Chair

Office: DRB 314
Contact: (213) 740-2925, 
Research Interests: biomaterials, self-assembly, nanomedicine, theranostics, tissue engineering, regenerative medicine.


Stacey_Finley_thumbnail_2.jpgStacey Finley, Assistant Professor, Biomedical Engineering 
Office: DRB 172
Contact: (213) 740 – 8788,
Research Interests: Developing pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic model to predict the transport and kinetics of key angiogenic factors, including vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF).


Bo Han, Associate Professor (Research), Surgery and Biomedical Engineering
Office: 1333 San Pablo St.
Research Interests: 


Brittany KayBrittany Kay, Lecturer, Biomedical Engineering
Office:  DRB 140
Contact: (213) 740-0839,
Research: Teaching


Radha Kalluri, Assistant Professor (Research), Otolaryngology and Biomedical Engineering
Office:  CHP 204M
Research Interests: The biophysical mechanisms by which the inner ear encodessensory information, and how these functions degrade with damage or injury


Natasha Lepore, Assistant Professor (Research), Radiology and Biomedical Engineering
Office: CHL
Research Interests: Mathematical and numerical methods to study brain anatomy and function through magnetic resonance imaging


 Megan McCain, Assistant Professor, Biomedical Engineering 
Office: DRB 318
Contact: (213) 821 – 0791,
Research Interests: Cell biology, materials science, and microfabrication techniques.


Jill_McNittGray_2012_thumbnail.jpg Jill McNitt-Gray, Professor, Biological Sciences and Biomedical Engineering
Office: PED B9
Contact: (213) 740-7902,
Research Interests: Mechanisms organisms use to control and distribute mechanical load during goal-directed multijoint movements involving external loading.


Ellis_Meng.jpg Ellis Meng, Professor, Biomedical Engineering
Gabilan Distinguished Professor of Science and Engineering 

Office: DRB 159
Contact: (213) 740-6952,
Research Interests: BioMEMS, microfluidics, lab-on-a-chip, microsystem integration and packaging, world-to-chip interfacing, cell-to-chip interfacing, implantable biomedical microdevices.


Jennifer Treweek, Assistant Professor, Biomedical Engineering
Research Interests: the physiological function of stress-related neuropeptide circuits using advanced neuroscience techniques.


Tishya Wren, Associate Professor (Research), Orthopaedics, Radiology and Biomedical Engineering
Office: CHLA
Research Interests: 


cristina-zavaleta Cristina Zavaleta, Assistant Professor, Biomedical Engineering and WiSE Jr. Gabilan Chair
Research Interests:  development, assessment and clinical translation of new nano-based molecular imaging strategies to help clinicians detect cancers with better sensitivity and specificity.

Mork Family Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science


Armani_Headshot_75x90.jpg Andrea Armani, Professor, Chemical Engineering and Materials Science and Electrical Engineering 
Office: VHE 712
Contact: (213) 740-4428,
Research Interests: Optical biological and chemical sensors, Integration of microfluidics.


Lessa GrunenfeldGrunenfelderer, Lecturer, Chemical Engineering and Materials Science

Research Interests: Manufacturing of high-performance carbon fiber reinforced plastics with an emphasis on processing efficiency and defect reduction


Malancha_Upta.jpg Malancha Gupta, Associate Professor, Chemical Engineering and Materials Science and Jack Munushian Early Career Chair in Engineering
Office: HED 208
Contact: (213) 740-2067,
Research Interests: Functional Polymer Films and Coatings, Chemical Vapor Deposition, Surface Modification and Patterning.


Andrea_Hodge.jpg Andrea Hodge,  Professor, Chemical Engineering 
Office: RTH 503
Contact: (213) 740-4225,
Research Interests: Metallic materials, nanomechanics, nanocrystalline materials processing, high temperature mechanics, thin and thick film coatings.



shaama-sharada Shaama Sharada, Assistant Professor, Chemical Engineering and Materials Science and WiSE Jr. Gabilan Chair
Research Interests: development of quantum chemistry tools for in silico chemistry and catalysis.


Kathy_Shing.jpg Kathy Shing, Associate Professor, Chemical Engineering and Materials Science
Office: HED 209
Contact: (213) 740-2068, 
Research Interests: Classical and statistical thermodynamics, Computer simulation, Fluid phase equilibria.

Sonny Astani Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering


Becerik.jpg Burcin Becerik-Gerber, Associate Professor, Stephen Schrank Early Career Chair in Civil and Environmental Engineering
Office: KAP 224C
Contact: (213) 740-4383, 
Research Interests: Intelligent environments; human-building interactions; building performance and efficiency.


Amy_Childress_thumbnail.jpg Amy Childress, Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Office: BHE 215
Contact: (213) 740-6304,
Research Interests: Membrane Contractor Processes, Pressure-Driven Membrane Processes Membrane Bioreactor Technology, Colloidal and Interfacial Aspects of Membrane Processes, Solar Ponds for Brine Reduction and Energy Recovery.


Geraldine Knatz,  Professor (Engineering Practice), Civil and Environmental Engineering
Office: KAP 210
Contact: (213) 740 – 0603,
Research Interests: Seaport policy and management, maritime transportation, international trade, seaport sustainability


Amy_Rechenmacher.jpgAmy Rechenmacher,  Associate Professor (Engineering Practice), Civil and Environmental Engineering
Office: KAP 230D
Contact: (213) 740 – 3615,
Research Interests: Granular material failure and flow, Experimental Imaging, Strain localization/ Shear branding, Granular Physics


Kelly_Sanders_thumbnail.jpg Kelly Sanders, Assistant Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Office: KAP 200B
Contact: (213) 821- 0095, 
Research Interests: Conducting system-level analyses to resolve issues with technical, political, and societal significance to inform better decision making in regards to energy and water resource management. 


Computer Science


Nora_Ayanian_thumbnail.jpgNora Ayanian, Assistant Professor, Computer Science 
Office: RTH 505
Contact: (213) 740 – 5377,
Research Interests: Robotics, multi-robot coordination, human-robot interaction.


Sandra Batista, Senior Lecturer, Computer Science
Office: SAL 104


Claire_Bono.gif Claire Bono, Lecturer, Computer Science
Office: SAL 310
Contact: (213) 740-4510,
Research Interests: Computer Science Education.


Heather Culbertson, Assistant Professor, Computer Science 
Office: TBD
Research Interests:



Ewa_3 Ewa Deelman, Associate Professor (Research), Computer Science and Assistant Director, Science Automation Technologies, USC Information Sciences Institute
Office: Information Sciences Institute, Marina del Rey, CA
Contact: 310 448-8408,
Research Interests: Distributed systems, cloud computing, scientific workflows, large-scale applications.


Bistra Dilkina, Assistant Professor, Computer Science
Office: SAL 104
Contact: (213) 740 – 4494,
Research Interests:


Yolanda_Gil.jpg Yolanda Gil, Professor (Research), Computer Science and Associate Division Director for Research of the Intelligent Systems Division, USC Information Sciences Institute
Office: Information Sciences Institute, Marina del Rey, CA
Contact: (310) 448-8794,
Research Interests: Intelligent interfaces for knowledge capture, information analysis and assessment of trust, semantic annotation tools, agent and software choreography, and community-wide development of knowledge bases.


Leana_Golubchik_EE_Site.jpgLeana Golubchik, Professor, Computer Science and Electrical Engineering, WiSE Program Director
Office: SAL 226
Contact: (213) 740-4524,
Research Interests: Internet-based computing, multimedia systems, and computer systems modeling and performance evaluation. 


Olivera Grujic, Lecturer, Computer Science
Office: TBD



 Aleksandra Korolova thumbnailAleksandra Korolova, Assistant Professor, Computer Science and WiSE Jr. Gabilan Chair
Office: SAL 206
Contact: (650)-796-4536,
Research Interests: privacy-preserving algorithms, technologies, & policies, human-centric privacy & security, big data applications algorithms, and large-scale data mining of social & information networks.


Lerman.jpg Kristina Lerman, Associate Professor (Research), Computer Science
Office: Information Sciences Institute, Marina del Rey, CA
Contact: (310) 448-8714,
Research Interests: Applying network- and machine learning-based methods to problems in social computing.


yanliu.jpg Yan Liu, Associate Professor, Computer Science
Office: PHE336
Contact: (213) 740-4371,
Research Interests: Developing machine learning and data mining algorithms for solving problems involving structured data, time-series and spatial time-series data, and relational data.


Gale Lucas, Assistant Professor (Research), Computer Science
Contact: lucas@ict.usc@edu
Research Interests: Human-computer interaction, affective computing, and trust-in-automation.


Maja_Mataric.jpg Maja Mataric, Professor, Computer Science, Neuroscience, and Pediatrics, inaugural holder of the Chan Soon-Shiong Chair, Vice Dean for Research
Office: OHE 200
Contact: (213) 740-0622,
Research Interests: Human-machine interaction (in particular human-robot interaction, HRI), socially assistive robotics.


Jelena_Mirkovic.jpg Jelena Mirkovic, Assistant Professor (Research), Computer Science
Office: Information Sciences Institute, Marina del Rey, CA
Contact: (310) 448-9170,
Research Interests: security, privacy, routing, quality of service and protocols, botnets, denial-of-service attacks, and IP spoofing.


Nanyun Peng, Assistant Professor (Research), Computer Science
Office: ISI 940
Research Interests: Natural language processing and machine learning, with focuses on low-resource information extraction, creative language generation, and computational linguistically inspired modeling.


Tatyana Ryutov, Senior Lecturer, Computer Science
Office: PHE 336


Sheila Tejada thumbnailSheila Tejada, Senior Lecturer, Computer Science
Office: SAL 316
Contact: (213) 740 – 4505,
Research Interests:  Artificial intelligence, human-agent collaboration.

Nin Wang, Assistant Professor (Research), Computer Science
Office: Biegler Hall of Engineering
Research Interests: Artificial intelligence, human-computer interaction and intelligent tutoring systems.


Ming Hsieh Department of Electrical Engineering


dina-el-damakDina El-Damak, Assistant Professor,  Electrical Engineering and WiSE Jr. Gabilan Chair

Office: PHE 620
Contact: (213) 740-4692,
Research Interests: Energy harvesting, power management circuits, autonomous systems, ultra-low power biomedical devices, circuit design in emerging technologies.


 Mercedeh Khajavikhan,  Associate Professor, Physics and Astronomy and Electrical Engineering
Research Interests: Nanoelectronics, mesoscopic physics, charge and spin transport in low dimensional systems.



Grace_Lu.jpg Grace Lu, Professor, Physics and Astronomy and Electrical Engineering
Office: SSC 215B
Contact: (213) 821-4328,
Research Interests: Nanoelectronics, mesoscopic physics, charge and spin transport in low dimensional systems.


ubli_vidar.jpg Urbashi Mitra, Professor, Electrical Engineering
Office: EEB 540
Contact: (213) 740-4667, 
Research Interests: Cognitive radio, sensor networks, acoustic communications, collaborative communication, sparse estimation methods, wireless body area sensing networks, and ultra-wideband communications.


Mahta_Moghaddam_thumbnail.jpg Mahta Moghaddam, Professor, Electrical Engineering
Office: PHE 634
Contact: (213) 740-4712, 
Research Interests: Applied Electromagnetics, radar remote sensing, medical imaging, scattering from random media, inverse scattering, subsurface sensing and imaging.


Alice_Parker.jpg Alice Parker, Professor, Electrical Engineering
Office: EEB 348
Contact: (213) 740-4476,
Research Interests: Biomimetic Real-Time Cortex, neuromorphic circuits, bionanotechnology, artificial retina, carbon nanotube neural circuits.


Michelle_Povinelli_2012_thumbnsil.jpg Michelle Povinelli, Associate Professor, Electrical Engineering
Office: PHE 614
Contact: (213) 740-8682,
Research Interests: Nanophotonics, photonic crystals, metamaterials, nano-optomechanics.


Maryam Shanechi thumbnailMaryam Shanechi, Assistant Professor, Electrical Engineering 
Office: EEB 400
Contact: (213) 740-4144,
Research Interests: applying information theory, control theory, and statistical signal processing to developing effective solutions for basic and clinical neuroscience problems that involve the collection and manipulation of neural signals and information.

Daniel J. Epstein Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering


Woman_SilhoutteShalini Gupta, Lecturer, Industrial and Systems Engineering



Julie_Higle_thumbnail.jpgJulie Higle, Professor and Chair, Industrial and Systems Engineering
Office: GER 240B
Contact: (213) 740-6785, 
Research Interests: Development of models and solution methods for decision making under uncertainty; stochastic programming models and algorithmic methods for their solution; stochastic modeling for health-care applications. 


suen_headshot Sze-chuan Suen,  Assistant Professor, Industrial and Systems Engineering
Office: OHE 310N
Contact: (213) 821-0705,
Research Interests: how to develop innovative models that adapt to changing demographic and secular trends in healthcare to support actionable policy recommendations. Her research draws from techniques in simulation, dynamic systems modeling, cost-effectiveness analysis, and decision analysis.


phebePhebe Vayanos, Assistant Professor, Industrial and Systems Engineering

Office: OHE 310L
Research Interests: Data-driven decision-making under uncertainty: stochastic and robust optimization; applications in healthcare, education, and energy.