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WiSE Undergraduate Research Experience

The WiSE Undergraduate Research Experience

The WiSE Undergraduate Research Experience is available to students at USC who are interested in pursuing careers in research. The program provides two levels of participation:

  • “WiSE Fellows”

    The first level aims to introduce students to research within the University while still at an  early stage in their academic career.“WiSE Fellows” submit an application describing their interests and objectives in participating in the program. Once accepted, they receive a small stipend of $500 per semester and commit to attending a variety of programming opportunities aimed especially at demystifying the research process, assisting students in locating appropriate mentors given their research interests, highlighting undergraduate research funding opportunities at USC, and locating appropriate Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REUs).  The goal of this program is to introduce undergraduates to the experience of conducting research within the academe and to assist them in forging mentoring relationships. Applications are due May 16 for the Fall semester and December 1 for the Spring semester.

  • “WiSE Researchers.”

    More senior students may opt to participate as “WiSE Researchers.”In this more comprehensive level of participation, students who have an established working relationship with a faculty mentor submit a research project proposal. If awarded, the student commits to participating in WiSE programming efforts throughout the academic year and receives a substantial grant to conduct research based on the submitted project proposal.  The goal of this program is to provide undergraduates with first-hand experience in laboratory based research. It is hoped that through the experience of first-hand research at the undergraduate level, the chances will increase that students will choose to pursue a graduate degree in science or engineering. Applications are due April 1.

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