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Travel Grants

Deadlines: Applications are due no later than one month prior to travel. Decisions are made on a rolling basis, and grants are awarded based on the availability of funds.

Award Amount: Award amounts vary by distance and are contingent upon the applicant’s advisor paying 50% of the student’s expenses. If a student receives additional external funds (such as travel assistance from the conference organizers), the faculty advisor must commit to paying half of the remaining expenses. (The student must also provide documentation to show receipt of other funds.) Awards amounts are: $300 for travel within the State of California, $500 for travel within the United States, and $700 for international travel. Candidates for Travel Awards are eligible to receive one award per fiscal year, contingent on the availability of funds. In the case of limited funds, eligible candidates who have not already been recipients of WiSE Travel Awards will be given preference.

Students who receive an offer for funding from both WiSE and the Graduate Student Government for the same conference MUST choose one award.

Directions: Doctoral students and Postdoctoral Scholars should submit an online application.
One of the proven ways to increase the representation of women in math, science, and engineering is to provide young scholars at the beginning of their careers with opportunities for exposure to professional research-oriented meetings. Not only are they recognized for their research, they also have the opportunity to meet well-known scientists, other students, and successful women faculty who can serve as role models.

To this end, the WiSE Program provides travel grants to USC Ph.D. students or postdoctoral scholars in math, science and engineering departments on the University Park Campus to attend scientific meetings where they will present their own work, in cases where either the participation by the student or the subject matter of the student’s talk or poster serves to increase the representation of women in science and engineering. In the case of an undergraduate student, as long as the student is a co-author of the abstract, they are also eligible to apply.