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Fellowship Support to Accommodate Pregnancy

Deadline: Applications accepted all year.

Award Amount: Variable. Up to a 50% time fellowship.

Directions: Contact Mallory Redel, WiSE Program Manager at or 213-740-0996.

One of the most critical issues involved in increasing the representation of women in science and engineering is the work-family balance. For young scientists and engineers, this balance primarily involves childbirth, adoption, nursing and infant care. Specific to science and engineering is the need to avoid potentially hazardous situations during pregnancy and nursing, such as exposure to chemicals, electromagnetic radiation, or other possibly damaging settings. The WiSE Program developed this fellowship support program to help Ph.D. students and postdoctoral scholars and their advisors resolve potential conflicts arising between the constraints of pregnancy, childbirth, adoption, nursing, and infant care, and continued progress on the research program. The Fellowship Program engages participants at all levels, from faculty advisors to department chairs, deans, and university administration. The fellowship aims to help Ph.D. students and postdoctoral scholars who are pregnant or have recently given birth or adopted a child to continue her or his career with the least possible interruption. WiSE support addresses the need for support during a time when students or scholars cannot work on their research or as a laboratory-based teaching assistant and when other sources of funding are not available. Depending on need, fellowships typically range from one month to a full semester.

The WiSE Program maintains a list of recommended providers (childcare, pediatricians, obgyns, etc.) recommended by members of our community. Please contact WiSE Program Manager, Mallory Redel at or 213-740-0996 to request a copy.