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USC WiSE faculty and students are regularly making headlines for their research and achievements. Please visit the links below for recent news about the WiSE Program and WiSE-affiliated faculty.

June 2012

Professor Maja Mataric’s (Computer Science) socially assistive robot got social during a public meet and greet in Brookyln, NYC. To read about this event, see USC’s Bandit Robot Takes Center Stage at 2012 World Sciences Festival in NYC.

The research of Sarah Feakins, Assistant Professor of Earth Sciences, was featured on NASA’s website in an article entitled, Study Finds Ancient Warming Greened Antarctica, as well as in USC News, Antarctica Warmer 20 Million Years Ago. She also gave a radio interview on RadioLIVE New Zealand, which is available online here.

Ellis Meng, Associate Professor of Biomedical Engineering, has been selected as one of the 40 Under 40 in Medtech by the Medical Device and Diagnostic Industry Magazine. See the article at, 40 Medtech Innovators Under 40. Congratulations, Ellis!

May 2012

In April WiSE helped cosponsor an event at the 32nd Street Elementary School with the Young Scientists Program. To read an article about the event, see Science Demystified.

April 2012

Susan Friedlander, Professor of Mathematics, has been selected as a SIAM Fellow for the Class of 2012 (Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics.)

March 2012

The research of Anna Krylov, Professor of Chemistry, was featured in the ScienceNews article, “Protons on the Move Find Novel Molecular Route” (March 22, 2012). Her work was also featured in the USC Dornsife News article, “A Paradigm Shift in Understanding Chemical Reactions” (March 22, 2012) and in a press release, “A Surprising New Kind of Proton Transfer,” through the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (March 18, 2012).

Anna Krylov’s paper (Professor of Chemistry), which was coauthored by Dr. Ksenia Bravaya, a recent USC Ph.D. graduate and former recipient of a WiSE postdoc award, and in collaboration with the Krylov Group and Dr. Musa Ahmed from Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, “Ionization of dimethyluracil dimers leads to facile proton transfer in the absence of hydrogen bonds,” recently appeared in Nature Chemistry (March 2012).

Andrea Hodge, Assistant Professor of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering, received a 2012 ONR Young Investigator Award for a proposal titled, “Tailored Crystallographic Material States for the Design of Novel Interfaces.” Congratulations, Andrea!

Judith Hirsch, Biological Sciences- Neurobiology, has recently been promoted to Full Professor. Congratulations, Judith!

November 2011

Anna Krylov, Professor of Chemistry, was elected as a 2011 Fellow of the American Physical Society and was awarded a Bessel research award from the Humboldt foundation and a 2012 ACS Physical Chemistry Division Award in Theoretical Chemistry.

October 2011

The research of Ellis Meng, Professor of Biomedical Engineering and Chair of the Viterbi WiSE Committee, appeared in the November 2, 2011 issue of USC News — “Scientist’s Revolutionary Drug Pump Draws NSF Support.”

The research of David Bottjer, Professor of Earth Sciences and member of the USC Dornsife WiSE Committee, appeared in the October 7, 2011 issue of USC News — “And the Microbes Shall Inherit the Earth.”

The research of Maja Mataric, Senior Associate Dean for Research and Professor of Computer Science, was featured in the October 17, 2011 Los Angeles Times article “Robots Built to Help Autistic Children.” For the complete article, please click here.

Meghan Miller, Assistant Professor of Earth Sciences, has won a Career Award through the National Science Foundation for her project, “SLAB Structure and Dynamics of Arcuate Shaped Subduction Zones.”

Dorit Hochbaum, Professor of Industrial and Systems Engineering, has won the INFORMS Computer Science Prize for 2011. This award recognizes the best English language paper dealing with the Operations Research/Computer Science interface. Stan Settles, Chair of the Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering, writes, “The Epstein Department is particularly proud of Professor Hochbaum’s recognition from this well-respected society in our field.” The ICS Prize will be presented at the 2011 INFORMS Annual Meeting in Charlotte at the ICS Business Meeting. Dr. Hochbaum will also make a presentation in a special prize session. Dr. Hochbaum’s paper was entitled: “Polynomial Time Algorithms for Ratio Regions and a Variant of Normalized Cut,” which has been published in IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence in 2010.

September 2011

Professor Katrina Edwards was featured in the USC News article, A Search for Life at the Earth’s Extremes. Professor Edwards will “take a search expedition this month into the heart of the Mid-Atlantic Ocean to explore the very limits of life on Earth.”

August 2011

On August 12 the USC Young Researchers Program run through the Department of Earth Sciences, and a benificiary of WiSE support, concluded its summer session with a poster session displaying the completed projects of its participants. WiSE was thrilled by the success of many of these talented young women. Please click HERE to read further about the success of this excellent program.