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July 2006

A good robot has personality but not looks

Robots are poised to enter our homes, schools and hospitals as cleaners, educational aides and medical assistants. So how can designers ensure we make the most of our robotic helpers?

Engineering a musical analysis

Elaine Chew has melded her industrial engineering and musical careers.

March 2006

Boosting a Young Scientist’s Career

Computational biologist Jasmine Zhou is named a 2006 Sloan Fellow. The two-year grant will allow her to establish independent research programs.

Maria Yang Awarded NSF Faculty Early Career Development Award

Maria Yang, an assistant professor in the Daniel J. Epstein Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering, has won a highly competitive National Science Foundation Faculty Early Career Development (CAREER) award for her work in early stage design process modeling.

February 2006

Ellis Meng Wins NSF Faculty Early Career Development Award

Ellis Meng, assistant professor of biomedical engineering and an expert in bioMEMS fabrication, has won a prestigious Faculty Early Career Development (CAREER) award from the National Science Foundation.

January 2006

USC Participates in Chemical First

An international team featuring three Trojan representatives observes a reaction in real time from the molecule’s point of view.

Two Hires Can Be Better Than One</p>

Marking a five-year milestone, USC’s Women in Science and Engineering Program continues its goal of recruiting female scholars. Because of intense competition for worthy candidates, the process may include the pursuit of their partners as well.

Viterbi School Solves “Two-Body” Problem And Recruits a Hopkins Couple

Amy Rechenmacher and Roger Ghanem Say Flexibility and Understanding a Major Draw