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Guidelines for Application

Goal: To support activities that further WiSE’s mission of advancing the careers of women scientists and engineers in tenured and tenure track faculty positions.

Eligibility: Students, postdoctoral scholars, and faculty in WiSE-eligible departments may submit an application by sending a proposal and budget to WiSE Program Manager, Mallory Redel at or 213-740-0996.

Proposals should include:

  • a description of the proposed event/activity/organization,
  • a WiSE justification statement addressing how the goals of the event/activity/organization further the mission of WiSE to increase the representation of women in the sciences and engineering and benefit the careers and professional development of women,
  • an itemized budget outlining how the proposed grant will be used and showing contributions by other WiSE-eligible academic units. Please provide a budget explanation on a separate page.