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WiSE Gabilan Jr. Chairs

WiSE Gabilan Assistant Professorship

The Gabilan Assistant Professorship is one of the recruitment tools provided by the WiSE program and awarded to new faculty as part of the start-up package. In certain disciplines named professorships for junior faculty add prestige to the appointment and may leverage additional funding and awards. The most important criterion to be used in awarding the professorship is the excellence of the candidate. Other criteria include advancing the goals of the WiSE program and reducing the under-representation of women. The exact way in which the funds are distributed can be flexible and the details negotiated by the dean and the WiSE program director.

Guidelines for Appointment:

  • Goal: To aid in recruiting outstanding junior faculty who will increase the representation of women in science and engineering at USC and to advance their careers towards tenure.
  • Amount: A total of $50-125 K over 5 years, distributed as agreed by the dean and the WiSE program director. Awards would typically range between $10-25K per year for five years or until the recipient received tenure.


The most important criterion is the excellence of the candidate. The Department Chair (or appropriate Section or Program Head) must make the case that the candidate is at the top of the cohort of applicants in the specific field of the application and would be deserving of such honor at any top ranked university in the US. Supplementary materials that can be used in making a compelling case for the excellence of the candidate include, but are not limited to, letters of recommendation, other honors and evidence of excellence, competitive offers, etc. The Chair should also address the recruitment will advance the goals of the WiSE program.

Selection procedure:

Because time is important in junior appointments, the Director of the WISE Program will make the decision expeditiously, in consultation with members of the Advisory Board as appropriate. Chairs are encouraged to consult with the Director of the WiSE Program on the criteria for granting the Gabilan Assistant Professsorship and the supplemental
materials that would be useful in making the case.

Current and Past WiSE Gabilan Jr. Chairs