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Guidelines for Application

Goal: To foster creative ideas for “casting the net widely,” thus increasing the representation of women in science and engineering faculty searches. Activities for which funding may be requested are expected to vary from department to department, as effective approaches would depend on individual disciplines. Examples of appropriate activities might include:

  • hosting a career development workshop for senior graduate students and/or postdocs that would provide the opportunity to establish early contact with outstanding candidates for faculty positions, or;
  • holding a seminar series that would facilitate bringing to USC postdoctoral researchers for “informational visits” that also serve as advanced identification of potential candidates.


Eligibility: Any WiSE-eligible department may submit no more than one application per academic year. The application must be submitted by either a Department Chair or the Chair of a Search Committee (with an endorsement of the Department Chair). Proposals should include a brief description of the departmental plan to increase diversity in faculty hiring and a strong justification of why and how receipt of funds will serve to cast the net widely to increase the representation of women in science and engineering faculty searches. Those contemplating a proposal are encouraged to discuss the eligibility of their proposal with the Director of the WiSE Program, Leana Golubchik at or 213-740-0996.

Application ProcessThe following should be submitted via the WiSE online application system as part of a completed application:

  • Detailed Proposal (three pages or less) describing the proposed activity and how it would further the goals of the WiSE Program to increase the number of women in science and engineering faculty searches. Proposals should be addressed to a broad audience.
  • Budget (one page plus one explanatory page) outlining proposed expenses. Provide a budget explanation on a separate page, clarifying the role of any individuals for whom salary support is requested; explain how travel funds will be used; justify the need for any equipment.