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Advisory Board

WiSE Advisory Board 2015-2016




Judith Hirsch, Professor, Biological Sciences
Office: HNB 328
Phone: (213) 821-2210
Research Interests: Early stage visual cortical processing. Specifically, how thalamocortical connections and circuits within the striate cortex itself resolve basic features of the visual scene.




Linda Duguay, Associate Professor (Research), Biological Sciences and Director, USC Sea Grant Program
Office: AHF 209
Phone: (213) 821-1335
Research Interests: Ctenophores, foraminfera, symbiotic associations, benthic ecology of dredge spoil sites, water quality, beach health and status.



Leana Golubchik, Professor, Computer Science and Electrical Engineering, WiSE Program Director, (Ex-Officio)
Office: SAL 226
Phone: (213) 740-4524
Research Interests: Internet-based computing, multimedia systems, and computer systems modeling and performance evaluation.


Julie Higle, Professor and Chair, Industrial and Systems Engineering
Office: GER 240B
Phone: (213) 740-6785
Research Interests: Development of models and solution methods for decision making under uncertainty; stochastic programming models and algorithmic methods for their solution; stochastic modeling for health-care applications.


Anna_Krylov.jpg Anna Krylov, Professor, Chemistry
Office: SSC 409
Contact: (213) 740-4929, 
Research Interests: Electronic structure methods and software, coupled-cluster and equation-of-motion methods, computational chemistry, radicals, opens shell and electronically excited species, spectroscopy, fluorescent proteins, DNA.


Urbashi Mitra, Professor, Electrical Engineering
Office: EEB 540
Phone: (213) 740-4667
Research Interests: Cognitive radio, sensor networks, acoustic communications, collaborative communication, sparse estimation methods, wireless body area sensing networks, and ultra-wideband communications.


Susan Montgomery, Professor, Mathematics
Office: DRB 240
Phone: (213) 740-2419
Research Interests: Non-commutative algebras: in particular, Hopf algebras, their structure and representations, and their actions on other algebras.



Michelle Povinelli, Associate Professor, Electrical Engineering
Office: PHE 614
Phone:  (213) 740-8682
Research Interests: Nanophotonics, photonic crystals, metamaterials, nano-optomechanics.  


Hanna Reisler, Professor, Chemistry and Lloyd Armstrong Jr. Chair in Science and Engineering
Office: SSC 622
Phone: (213) 740-7071
Research Interests: Detailed mechanisms of chemical reactions in the gas and condensed phases by using laser and molecular beam techniques.



Remo Rohs, Assistant ProfessorBiological Sciences
Office: RRI 413H
Phone: (213) 740-0552
Research Interests:  


Shangua TengShang-Hua Teng, Professor, Computer Science and Seeley G. Mudd Professor of Engineering
Office: RTH 402
Phone: (213) 740-3667
Research Interests: smoothed analysis of algorithms, computational economics and game theory, spectral graph theory, mathematical board games, scientific computing, mathematical programming, combinatorial optimization, computational geometry and computer graphics.